Where do I start?

Boobs. Perky, lumpy, bouncy, lop-sided. Everyone’s are different, and they can even change throughout the month, so it’s important to know what’s normal for you. Ladies, if you notice any change to your boobs that remains a week after your period has ended, or if you have any other concerns, it’s best to see your doctor.


Take a good look at your boobs and get familiar with their normal appearance. If you notice that something looks different, like unusual changes in shape and size get it checked out by your doctor.


Feeling your boobs will help you get to know their normal texture and become familiar with how they change throughout your cycle. Every pair of boobs feels different but if you notice a change that's unusual for you, like a lump or swelling, again it’s best to visit your doctor for a second opinion.


Just like your boobs, each pair of nipples is unique. Having inverted nipples can be perfectly normal, but if you notice a change such as your nipple suddenly pulling in when it doesn't normally, a rash or crusting of the area, or any unusual discharge, get it checked out.

All around

Your breast tissue covers the area from your armpits up to your collarbones, so when you're feeling your boobs make sure to check your armpits and upper chest as well.

Check your pecs

Even though it’s very rare, men can still develop breast cancer, so it’s still important for you guys to check too!

The Campaign

How should you check yourself for signs of breast cancer? Do you check just the breasts or should you be checking in other places? As a team of mostly women working on this project, it was surprising that none of us knew the right way to check. We want to show others like us just how easy it is, with the hope that it encourages both men and women to do it more regularly!

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